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I feel better about myself because ,she is the only Dr. to take time out of her busy schedule to make a personal phone call to me to reasure me that there was no Cancer present. Dr Swanson is a priceless Jewel. I was very depressed the day she saw me and with compassion its like she felt my pain and wanted to ease it with whatever medical knowledge and doctoring she had available to do so and she did just that.

Gynecology Patient

Not that I look forward to going to the gynecologist, but I have always felt safe and well cared for by you and your staff from my first appointment on. For that, I thank you and look forward to continuing on as a patient of yours.

Gynecology Patient

I liked being able to sit down and throughly discuss my options. My procedure [Ablation] was virtually painless, and I loved being able to have it performed in Dr Swanson's office. This took the anxiety out of going to the hospital. I am now free of ridiculously heavy periods and I could not be more grateful.

Gynecology Patient

Why Choose Preferred Gynecology

Preferred Gynecology provides cutting edge care in the convenience of a private office, in your community. A commitment to undivided attention to Gynecological care without the unpredictable physician emergencies associated with obstetric care, that often lead to cancelled gynecologic office visits.